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Caring for your linen

Caring for your linen

In order to enjoy the longevity and quality of our linen products, we have put together some tips and tricks on how to take care of them.


Linen can be washed by hands, in the washing machine or dry cleaned.

Bleaching washing agents are suitable for white linen, but coloured linen should be washed with soft washing agents or soft soap. Bleaching agents which have chlorite are not recommended, they can destroy the fabric structure. If your water used for washing is a lime-water, then we suggest adding a softener, especially when washing darker items.

Never wash together white and dark fabrics. If you wash products in a washing machine, do not overload as to let the linen items to move easily. In another case, it can become stripped. Please remember, if there are other materials in the linen fabric, then you have to pay attention to the characteristics of these materials when washing the items. Whether washing by hand or in the washing machine, linen must be rinsed carefully.

The advantage of dry cleaning is that you get the items carefully ironed. We recommend the dry cleaning for curtains and roman blinds at the dry-cleaner’s – this will avoid shrinkage of items.

If any kind of stain appears on the fabric, you can eliminate it by using detergent, but first of all test it on an invisible part of the garment. Let the detergent soak into the fabric, keep for two-three minutes and wash it out. If the detergent didn’t leave any visible changes, didn’t bleach the colour, then you can use it for the garment. Never use the detergent in the washing machine.


The drying could be done in the machine or air dried. Linen will be crumpled after washing, so once washed the fabric should be properly hung. Linen dries quickly, and it's very important not to let it dry as it will make it hard to iron.


The best way is to iron linen when it is still a little bit damp: it will be easier to iron and no additional dampness will be needed. It is recommended to iron the wrong side of the fabric – this will protect linen from becoming smooth and shining and fading of the colours. Use a hot iron with steam to iron in the creases. Leave linen items a little bit damp after ironing and hang them in a cool, dry and well-ventilated room. Now let the linen dry completely.

Following these instructions will help you enjoy your linen for a very long time to come.


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